Founded in 1897, the Zionist Organization of America (“ZOA”) is the oldest pro-Israel organization in the United States. With offices around the country and in Israel, the ZOA is dedicated to educating the public, elected officials, media, and college/high school students about the truth of the ongoing and relentless Arab war against Israel. ZOA is also committed to promoting strong U.S.-Israel relations. ZOA works to protect Jewish college and high school students from intimidation, harassment and discrimination, and in fighting anti-Semitism in general.

Susan Tuchman, Director of ZOA’s Center for Law and Justice on the matter:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a brave and outstanding hero, someone who at great risk to her own safety has turned her own personal suffering in her life under Islam into helping women protect and affirm their own basic rights and freedoms – to control their own bodies, to have access to education, to be able to work outside the home and control their own income, and to exercise their right to speak freely.  These are basic civil rights that all of us value, especially a university like Brandeis, which was founded largely because of the discrimination that Jews faced at American schools.

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IDF Officer Sets the Facts Straight about Security Crossings.

An IDF officer explains how soldiers prevent terrorism while respecting the rights of Palestinians at Israeli security crossings.

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BDS is 21st century form of 20th century Anti-Semitism

Executive Director of the ZOA’s NJ Region Laura Fein discusses just how your taxes go towards paying terrorists.

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Read it & weep

"The Jewish people have conceded enough. They have given up land for peace over generations, they have been squeezed into such a confined space that now even today they do not have full autonomy, authority and sovereignty over the very holy places that define their existence in the first place." 

-Congressmen Bill Johnson (R-OH) in response to this treatment and continued Israeli concessions. Reblog and spread awareness!

Doesn’t get much better than this! Congrats to Chloe Valdary ZOA Israel Mission Alum on all the success!

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Matrix, a leading Israeli information technology (IT) company, is opening a massive training center in Nanjing, a city that is home to more than 500 Chinese IT companies employing 400,000 people.